Our Website Policy


1. Website Administrator

The Kirk Session will designate a Primary Site Administrator who will have overall responsibility for:

  1. Adding and removing material from the website.
  2. Providing a safe online environment.
  3. Connecting and informing congregational members and site visitors.
  4. Protecting the privacy of congregational members and site visitors.
  5. Promoting the current mission of the congregation in a creative and attractive manner.

Other members may be authorised, as administrators, to add or remove material. These administrators must be approved by the Kirk Session. The website will be under frequent review by the Kirk Session whose decision over the inclusion of content will be final.

2. Website Content

The administrator(s) will ensure that:

  1. All web content supports the congregation’s mission and fellowship.
  2. Any material which the Kirk Session and/or its representatives consider contrary to Church doctrine or congregational ethos shall be removed immediately.
  3. No content which is posted may subject the congregation to claims of copyright breaches, or to claims for libel or slander.
  4. A copy of this policy and privacy statement shall be made available for review by site visitors from every web page via hyperlink at the bottom of each page.

3. External Links

The administrator(s) will ensure that:

  1. External links which are considered helpful to site visitors are included.
  2. All external links shall contain the following disclaimer:
    “First Presbyterian Church Ballymoney is not responsible for the content of external websites nor does it necessarily endorse their sponsoring organisations.”
    The congregation assumes no responsibility for material on websites linked to the congregational website.
  3. External links will open a new browser window to indicate that the visitor is exiting the congregational website.
  4. Links to sites which contain material unsuitable for children will not be included.
  5. The content of every external linked site shall be reviewed by the Primary Site Administrator for suitability prior to inclusion.

4. Consent Issues

All site material must have the consent of those represented or whose material is used.

The administrator(s) will ensure

A. Privacy.

  1. Express permission will be sought before any e-mail address or phone number, other than that of congregational staff or church office, is included on the website.
  2. An email alias e.g. "user"@firstballymoney.co.uk rather than a personal email address is used where appropriate.
  3. No personal information of congregational members, young people and children or site visitors will be shared with third parties. This includes names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses.
  4. E-mail links to individuals should be minimized. Online forms are preferred for interactive communications from the site.
  5. If the site employs the use of cookies which capture the user’s IP (network) address for the purpose of determining the web pages viewed by visitors to our site, at no time will this information be shared with third-party organizations. Visitors may refuse the use of cookies by modifying the permission settings in their web browser.
  6. The congregation will not send unsolicited email (spam).

B. Copyright

  1.  All material included must comply with copyright requirements.
  2. Copyrighted works can include, but are not limited to, news stories, software, novels, screenplays, graphics, pictures, music, video clips and email, and should not be used without permission.

C. Use of Photographic Material

  1. The use of photographs of individuals appearing on any congregational webpage should be minimal. Express permission from each congregational member in a picture to be used must be obtained.
  2. Parental permission must be obtained, as given on Parental Consent Forms, before using any pictures of a child/group of children on a webpage.
  3. Children’s names will not be captioned on photographs of children online.
  4. No other identifying details (place, address) should appear on any photographs of a child or children on a webpage.
  5. Photographs of individual children which can be easily copied onto other sites should be avoided. It is preferable to use a group photograph.
  6. Stock photography of children not connected with the congregation may be used, as long as material is not protected by copyright.

5. Security

No one other than designated site administrator(s) shall have access to passwords for posting website material. Passwords should be regularly changed.

Appropriate firewall software and anti-virus software should be installed and regularly updated to ensure the protection of restricted data.

If necessary, a ‘closed’ page or password protected area is provided to help to limit who can view certain webpages.

Leaders are aware that by advertising dates and times of events online, there is the possibility that other people, who would not have otherwise heard of an event, may turn up without warning.

All forums/message boards/chat rooms must be moderated and monitored by the leader-in-charge of the organisation.

Users of forums/message boards/chat rooms must register details before being allowed access via their username and password.

It is made very clear to young people that the website should not be used to make arrangements to meet up with each other casually, e.g. going out for coffee. They need to be reminded that they don’t know who is reading their conversation.

6. Accessibility

Reasonable steps will be taken to provide access to website services for people with disabilities who may use specially designed software or hardware to access content on the internet. Web content should follow World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines: www.w3.org/wai


7. Indemnity

The congregation shall ensure indemnity for all internet use.


8. Software

All software used for developing and maintaining the website will be legally registered (if necessary) with appropriate fees paid.


Website policy adopted by Kirk Session in June 2018. To be reviewed again by the end of September 2018.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns about our website, please get in touch with our website administrator: webmaster@firstballymoney.co.uk