Christmas Cantata

cantata [ /kanˈtɑːtə/ ]

noun: cantata; plural: cantatas

  1. a medium-length narrative piece of music for voices with instrumental accompaniment, typically with solos, chorus, and orchestra.

Every year at First Ballymoney we stage a Cantata telling the Christmas story in music, song and spoken word.

Our Christmas Cantata event this year is entitled “The Heart of Christmas”. and tells the timeless Christmas story in a creative, profound way - by exploring the thoughts and feelings of those most directly involved in Luke's account of that first Christmas. This touching construct is complemented by a use of a variety of musical styles. Narrators propel the scripture-based narrative, with choral singing and soloists, all with the accompaniment of live musicians. We trust that the result is a musical, worshipful, and accessible musical presentation of the gospel message. We invite you to embrace the courage, faithfulness, joy, and love of those who were there and experience "The Heart of Christmas."

The Christmas Cantata will be staged twice - once on Friday 7th December at 7:00pm and again on Sunday 9th December at 7:00pm.