Life Evermore: Death's Next Moment

Luke 16:19-31 and Luke 23:39-43. In the fourth of our series of five sermons in this series, Stephen looks at two passages to examine what theologians call the 'intermediate state' - the account of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16) and the encounter between Jesus and the two criminals crucified with Him (Luke 23). Stephen uses these two passages to demonstrate some Biblical truths about what happens when we die.

The Power of Anger

Stephen looks at the contrasts between someone who is quick to anger and someone who does not get angry at all, and argues that neither of these is biblical. All of us should be angry at something - there is power in a biblically-based righteous anger that is a response to a threat against something or someone we love. Stephen demonstrates that God’s righteous anger is simply a reflection of his great love for us.

Three tents

Genesis 12:1-9. Rev Dr Jim Thompson discusses Abram’s relocation from Haran to Canaan. Firstly, he looks at where Abram pitched his tent; secondly, where Lot, Abram’s nephew, pitched his, and finally, he looks at the Tent of Meeting in the tabernacle.